Challenge is an opportunity; this is true but the COVID 19 clearly came to the satellite industry in one of the worst timing.

Seems that the Satellite industry challenged by many aspects at the same time, terrestrial solutions that present low cost and high efficiency, the 5G that is going to change dramatically the way we use data in every part of our lives and the rapid changes in the ways we consume television moving from Linear to on demand.

All the above creates a lot of challenges and on top of these challenges we also need to deal with the COVID 19.

So where are the opportunities? If we look at the COVID 19 effect on our lives we will see that most of the world population tend to stay at home rather going out, which means working from home, watching more television, and consuming more internet.

Demand for BW is increasing dramatically every day while the terrestrial resources are very limited. Countries asked Netflix and other online platforms to reduce their BW to help overcome the shortage of BW.

Countries need to scaleup their Internet BW which is not actually available everywhere or required additional terrestrial infrastructure that will take time to implement. Satellite on the other hand can easily overcome these gaps both in coverage and time to market. Hybrid solutions both Fibers and Satellite is a great opportunity to meet the needs.

The 5G is going to change the way we consume data in every aspect of our lives bringing a huge opportunity for Satellites to complement the terrestrial solution offering continuity of service for moving objects (cars and ships) and closing the GAP in rural areas where it will take time to implement the equipment or places where there is no economical business case to put equipment at.

Broadcast trends of moving from Linear content to data-based broadcast also brings opportunities for Hybrid solutions based on satellite and fiber getting the maximum value from each technology.

Although the COVID 19 eliminated most of the sport leagues and OU usage around the globe, the need for sports and culture is strong and people find new and creative ways to deal with the pandemic and continue with their lives with some adjustments, which means less participants and more home viewing creating a need for live broadcast of different sports and events from all around the globe.

All the above create opportunities to the satellite business towards the near future.

I am confident that the Satellite industry will use those opportunities to convert the industry to be

Relevant again more than ever.

Stay home and be safe.

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