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Delivering your content with the Power of Premium Innovative Solutions.
Mastering broadcasting solutions

We Help Broadcasters Excel with Advanced Teleport & Cloud Services

iKOMG provides advanced teleport and cloud services for broadcasters. Our teleports transmit over 40 satellites with SRT fiber optic network and IP delivery.

From the initial stage of channel creation to distribution, and further into content delivery, monitoring, and monetization, our solutions encompass every need. We utilize cutting-edge technology and our rich industry experience to ensure superior quality and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously improve and provide exceptional services, ensuring our clients have access to the best in broadcasting solutions.

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Your Strategy, Our Expertise

Connecting You With Your Audience Through Tailored Content Solutions

Our expertise in television ensures tailored, flexible solutions that align with your specific strategies. We facilitate global broadcasting opportunities by streamlining the distribution and management of content.

Global Distribution
Cloud Solutions
Sports & Live Events
Universal Solutions in Broadcasting and Media

We can provide you with everything you need

Whether you're a broadcaster seeking innovative distribution methods, a content owner looking to maximize reach, or a sports federation aiming to captivate audiences, our expertise is your advantage. We blend advanced technology with customized strategies to ensure your unique broadcasting and media needs are met with excellence and precision.

Our Mission

We’re at the forefront of revolutionizing broadcasting with advanced, integrated solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our mission combines delivering premium quality service, being readily available, and adaptable, with a strong commitment to safeguarding client data.

Our commitment is to elevate viewer experiences and optimize channel potential, all while driving industry standards in innovation and flexibility.

Core Goals

Prioritize Premium Quality Client Service.
Innovate in Broadcasting Solutions.
Enhance Viewer Engagement.
Boost Channel Performance & Profitability.
Maintain Rigorous Data Protection Practices
Our Client

We Are Your Right Choice

iKOMG stands out as the ideal partner for its blend of premium client service, innovative broadcasting solutions, and steadfast commitment to data security and channel success.
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Our Path to Becoming a Broadcasting Leader

Securing a Top Industry Position

iKOMG's journey to becoming the second-largest broadcasting services company is a story of relentless innovation, unwavering client commitment, and a deep understanding of the evolving media landscape.

Let Us Take Your

Content To The Next Level

We have the expertise and technology to propel your channel or content into the future, expanding its reach and impact in the evolving digital landscape.

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    We are a premium media service partner, offering cutting-edge broadcasting and content distribution solutions, with a focus on client needs and global expertise.

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