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At iKOMG Sports & Events, we redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of OU. Our mission is to break through the limits, reach every corner of the globe, and provide unparalleled solutions for your broadcasting needs.

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What Makes Us Different

At iKOMG, we stand out in the broadcasting services industry by adhering to key principles that guide our work and define our unique approach:

Tailor-made Solutions

We provide tailor-made solutions focused on our customer needs through dedicated service to a wide range of global and local networks.


e are known for our high professionalism and dedicated service, aiming to lead the broadcasting services industry and provide real-time value to customers around the globe.

Dedicated Service

Our commitment to professionalism and dedicated service is unrivaled, aiming to provide real-time value and lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

Premium Quality & Security

Our focus on premium quality service, combined with stringent data security measures and reliability, ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of service throughout our collaboration.

Unleash the world of possibilities

Circulating The Event

Our OU services include more than just content delivery on time.

Our sports and events services give you all that you need to broadcast a successful event.

To deliver, we can offer you any satellite capacity worldwide, fiber and IP delivery, all teleport services and monitoring link.

To manage, CDN streaming & monitoring, SNG uplink, remote commentary, small size productions and event coordination.

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We Always Prioritize Your Development

We allocate a significant amount of time to researching and developing new technologies aimed at enhancing the speed and efficiency of OU operations.

Our main focus is to ensure our customers feel safe with us, just like a member of our family.


Trust us to exceed your expectations!

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    We are reshaping the landscape of OU sports, aiming to transcend traditional limits, connect with audiences globally, and offer unmatched broadcasting solutions for all your needs.

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