PFAFFIKON, Switzerland, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ iKOMG, a leader in broadcasting services, in partnership with the visionary AlvaLinks, is excited to announce that iKOVIEW is now available in its most enhanced form yet. This update follows our initial partnership revelation, heralding a transformative phase in broadcasting technology.
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As anticipation builds for NAB2024, we are proud to present iKOVIEW, now supercharged with unmatched precision, comprehensive performance metrics, advanced network grading, and an unwavering focus on Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) flows. iKOVIEW, powered by AlvaLinks, symbolizes the pinnacle of broadcasting innovation.

Confronting the industry’s perennial challenges such as network disruptions, quality degradation, and latency, iKOMG harnesses the capabilities of Alvalinks’ Cloudrider platform. This strategic collaboration not only guarantees the real-time verification of SRT network feeds but also ensures swift identification and resolution of network issues, bolstering effective management and stellar service levels.


Leveraging AlvaLinks technology, iKOMG offers an unparalleled glimpse into video networks via the Cloudrider web interface. This initiative provides broadcasters with a system view of over 500 SRT stream flows, enabling advanced observability and analytics, thorough path exploration, and immediate problem detection. The technology demystifies complex network infrastructures, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

“Alvalinks’ Cloudrider will help us meet our service level agreements and ensuring the reliability of our feed delivery. With its observability and monitoring platform, we’ve enhanced SRT network reliability, isolated faults, and reduced resolution times, empowering iKO Media Group to expand its top-notch 24/7 delivery services.” 

Said Sharon Malkiel, Head of Cloud Services at iKO Media Group.

“iKOMG’s established market approach and extensive reach, coupled with their reputation as one of the most robust and diverse service providers in the global broadcast industry, were pivotal factors in Alvalinks’ decision to collaborate with them. Together, we set to revolutionize the way video networks are monitored and ensure unmatched performance for broadcasters worldwide.” 

Commented Gabriel, CEO of AlvaLinks.

With iKOVIEW now leveraging AlvaLinks technology, broadcasters are equipped with the most advanced tools for ensuring smooth video delivery and exceptional viewing experiences. This partnership between iKOMG and AlvaLinks goes beyond product enhancement; it sets a new global standard for broadcasting excellence, affirming our dedication to driving the industry forward and empowering broadcasters worldwide to succeed in the digital era.

Embrace the future of broadcasting with iKOVIEW – where Swiss precision meets groundbreaking innovation.

About iKOMG

iKO Media Group is a premium end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners. iKOMG provides tailor-made solutions to a wide range of global and local networks. A full spectrum of services is available, including satellite broadcasting, automated, high-capacity playout management, Cloud services, EPG creation, disaster recovery solutions, channel monitoring feed, OTT platforms, fiber and IP delivery, and more.

iKOMG believes in being forward-thinking, agile, and holistic. This approach allows iKOMG to deliver effective solutions customized to specific budgets and requirements without compromising on the quality of service. iKOMG is committed to operating its business to create value for all stakeholders. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

About Alvalinks

Alvalinks provides state-of-the-art network intelligence and link management over the internet and public cloud for live video delivery. Its Cloudrider software-as-a-service solution is straightforward to implement, with comprehensive network mapping, powerful analytics, and real-time monitoring across the organization’s video network.

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