For a decade, I had the extraordinary privilege of shaping the landscape of lifestyle television in Israel. I was one of the founders of channels like the Good Life Channel, the Travel Channel, and the Food Channel, and it was during this time that I nurtured a dream and a vision that has since taken on a life of their own. My dream was simple yet revolutionary: to bridge the gap between the mesmerizing worlds we create on television and the real-life experiences of our viewers. And today, I am thrilled to share with you how this dream is becoming a reality through an innovative solution called iKOQ – a union of my vision, iKOMG, and Triplan.

The world of content, be it in the form of series or films, has long served as a gateway to new knowledge and experiences.

It’s a powerful tool that can transport us to distant lands, introduce us to diverse cultures, and ignite our wanderlust. Take, for instance, a show like “The White Lotus,” which single-handedly transformed the quiet corners of Sicily into a buzzing tourist destination through the magic of storytelling. Or how “Amelie in Paris” on Netflix has left countless viewers yearning to stroll along the charming streets of the City of Love.

My vision goes beyond the traditional boundaries of entertainment. It envisions a world where every destination, hotel, restaurant, or city featured in a lifestyle program isn’t just eye candy but a potential journey waiting to be embarked upon. Enter iKOQ, the catalyst that is transforming this dream into a tangible, interactive, and dynamic experience – a union that combines my passion for content, the innovative powers of iKOMG, and the travel planning expertise of Triplan.


Here’s how it works:

As you’re engrossed in your favorite lifestyle show, a dynamic QR code flashes on the screen. With a simple scan, viewers are transported from the comfort of their couches to the heart of the action. Whether it’s booking vacations, purchasing concert tickets, or exploring exclusive offers, iKOQ transforms the passive TV-watching experience into an interactive journey of discovery and action.

  • Watch your favorite show.
  • Scan the QR code seen on the bottom of the screen.
  • Book your trip and customize it to your likes. 

Now, let’s revisit that dream I’ve nurtured for years. With iKOQ, when you’re watching a travel show and find yourself captivated by a stunning destination, you no longer need to wait and daydream. A quick scan of the QR code on your screen can lead you to booking your dream vacation right then and there. It’s like magic, and it’s the future of lifestyle television, a testament to the union of vision and innovation.

“ It’s like magic, and it’s the future of lifestyle television, a testament to the union of vision and innovation.”by Sharon Lamberger

This paradigm shift transcends the conventional boundaries of entertainment and marketing. It opens up a world where you, the viewer, can seamlessly transition from being a passive observer to an active participant. No longer are you limited to just watching; you’re now equipped to act on your desires, thanks to the combined efforts of iKOMG, Triplan, and my unwavering vision.

Look into the future of lifestyle TV

As we gaze into the future, the convergence of lifestyle TV and the travel industry holds immense promise. The lines between content and experience are blurring, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this transformation. So, as you enjoy your favorite lifestyle shows, remember that your next adventure may be just a scan away, courtesy of iKOQ – a union of vision, technology, and expertise.

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In closing, the journey from lifestyle TV to the interactive content revolution is not just a personal one; it’s a collective voyage that’s reshaping the way we consume content and experience the world. With iKOQ, the future is here, and it’s an exhilarating journey waiting to be explored.