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Welcome to iKOMG, your go-to destination for innovative broadcasting and cloud solutions. We’re all about making your content shine, whether it’s through our top-notch teleport services, engaging OTT platforms, or smart cloud solutions. Join us on a journey to transform how the world experiences media!

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the services available

Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Dive into a world where your broadcasting needs meet bespoke solutions. Our services are crafted with your channel's unique identity and goals at the forefront. From cutting-edge satellite teleport and playout services to dynamic cloud solutions and OTT platform integration, we offer a comprehensive suite designed for your success.
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Our Services for a Global Audience

Delivering your content with the Power of Premium Innovative Solutions

We offer a broad spectrum of services, including worldwide satellite teleport services, Playout and advanced cloud solutions, integration with new specialized OTT platforms, cutting-edge Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for free-to-air satellite channels, and a comprehensive range of Occasional Use and Co-Location options available to our customers.

We are a media service partner for broadcasters & content owners.
Advanced solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, at #Scale.
Premium quality service, Available 24/7.
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What makes us different

At iKOMG, we stand out in the broadcasting services industry by adhering to key principles that guide our work and define our unique approach:

Tailor-Made Solutions

We specialize in creating solutions that specifically cater to the unique needs of both global and local networks, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

We are known for our high proffesionalim and dedicated service, aiming to lead the broadcasting services industry and provide real-time value to customers around the globe.

Dedicated Service

Our commitment to professionalism and dedicated service is unrivaled, aiming to provide real-time value and lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

Premium Quality & Security

Our focus on premium quality service, combined with stringent data security measures and reliability, ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of service throughout our collaboration.

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Start your consultation

We’re here to get to know you and your channel’s unique story. By diving deep into what makes your content tick, we tailor services not just to fit your needs, but to help your channel thrive and grow in ways that matter most to you.

Step 1

Consulting And Market Research

Starting a consultation with us opens up a world of possibilities for your channel. We’re excited to sit down with you, listen to your vision, and understand your audience. 

Step 2

Detailed Project Planning

Together, we’ll explore innovative solutions tailored just for you, ensuring that every step we take is aligned with your growth and success. 

Step 3

Kick-Start A Beutiful Partnership!

By the end of our consultation, you won’t just have solutions; you’ll have a partner dedicated to walking with you every step of the way.

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We have the expertise and technology to propel your channel or content into the future, expanding its reach and impact in the evolving digital landscape.

    We are a premium media service partner, offering cutting-edge broadcasting and content distribution solutions, with a focus on client needs and global expertise.

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