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In the changing world of TV, a new approach enhances viewer engagement by integrating dynamic QR codes into broadcasts. This allows viewers to scan and access additional content and features directly related to what they're watching, creating a more interactive and enriched viewing experience.
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Looking for a way to engage viewers and generate additional revenue in today’s competitive TV industry?

Check out iKOQ – the dynamic QR code solution that allows viewers to interact with content and make purchases directly from their screen. You can create a personalized and engaging viewing experience while gathering valuable data to better target your marketing efforts. Add iKOQ to your channel today and start generating new revenue streams while enhancing your brand value.

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Television networks are encountering difficulties as traditional revenue streams grow increasingly ineffective. There is a pressing requirement for novel sources of income to sustain content creation and distribution.

We propose a forward-thinking solution that aligns television networks with premier consumer brands, fostering new investment opportunities and cultivating a synergistic media ecosystem. This approach not only introduces television channels to broader audiences but also significantly enhances revenue potential in the contemporary media landscape.

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Invite your viewers to a new era in television, where they can get it all from their screen – buying their favorite shirt, booking concert tickets, or getting a trip plan for their next vacation.

Connect To Your Community

Join iKOCONNECT and add a static “follow me” layer on your feed. Your followers will be able to scan the code and connect to your support page to donate, engage with their community, and pray together from anywhere.

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Eutelsat, a leading satellite operator, reaches over a billion viewers with 7,000 TV channels. Its HotBird satellite alone reaches 135 million homes in Europe, offering a mix of over 1,000 channels, including HD and UHD, showcasing significant potential for extensive audience reach.


Your channel will be transmitted on Eutelsat HotBird and delivered to 135 million households. Each channel on-board will have a follow me layer with a unique QR code and phone number and the collected support funds will be shared and delivered to your channel.

Receive Your Community's Support

Join our collaborative marketing campaign with iKOMG and Eutelsat to significantly increase your channel's viewership. Benefit from a unique QR code for community engagement and receive a share of the securely collected funds.

Revolutionize Your TV Experience

Enhance” your viewing experience with our innovative solutions! We’re introducing QR codes to transform how you connect and socialize while watching TV. This simple scan invites you into a new era of television, where interactivity and community engagement elevate your viewing journey. Engage directly with content, participate in live events, and join discussions, all enhancing the brand value. Welcome to a more connected, interactive, and enriched TV experience!

Boosting Revenue with QR Codes in TV Channels

This innovative approach not only enhances viewer engagement but also opens up new, efficient revenue streams for your channel.

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Scan The Trip You Want!

Gone are the days of tedious research, multiple bookings, and countless hours spent planning your perfect getaway. With iKOQ, your dream vacation is just a scan away.

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In the evolving television landscape, we offer an innovative strategy to boost viewer engagement: the integration of dynamic QR codes within broadcasts. 


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