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iKOMG's OTT services empower users with on-demand access to a vast array of digital content, from movies to exclusive shows. Experience personalized and flexible entertainment like never before with iKOMG's innovative OTT solutions.

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iKOMG's OTT Services

Welcome to the future of entertainment with our state-of-the-art OTT & Online Solutions Services. Immerse yourself in a world where seamless streaming meets personalized content access, all at your fingertips. Discover the pinnacle of digital convenience and elevate your viewing experience with our cutting-edge offerings

  • Fully branded and customized Netflix like VOD apps
  • Mobile, Web and any TV model, any browser.
  • High performance UX.
  • YouTube / Vimeo channel sync.
  • Auto import via MRSS / CSV
  • Live TV + EPG ( TV Guide)
  • Free / AVOD / SVOD support
  • Paywall – Stripe / PayPal. – option
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Unparalleled Streaming Solutions

With iKO Apps Creator, you can build and launch amazing OTT app experiences for your brand on popular TV platforms, without writing any code.  Our user-friendly dashboard and templates help you design and publish high-quality, no-code apps in no time, for streamlined and scalable app-building. 

Browse through Apps Creator’s extensive collection of layouts and designs and customize them with your fonts to create a captivating, branded user experience for your business that showcases your content.

1. Why Need OTT Platforms? 2. Why Choose Us? 3. How It Work?

5 Powerful Reasons to Use iKO OTT

iKO OTT is a powerful OTT platform for OTT Streaming platforms. It is a sleek and clean-looking UX. With some unique features and stunning UI/UX elements, the iKO OTT– video streaming service is a perfect package for any media or video, movie, or show streaming-related web application. 

Your iKO OTT is a responsive website and is fully adaptive to any device: Web, Mobile, and Smart TVs. 


Advance Video OVP

A single secure platform to manage all of your videos. Includes robust APIs, dashboards, analytics, and import and export tools

Content Delivery - CDN

Worldwide, Super-fast, and performant multi-CDN support for video content delivery. Supporting LIVE & VOD @Scale

Video CRM

Customer data management, including authentication, entitlement, paywalls, payment processor and mobile & TV marketplace integrations, lead capture, and per-viewer analytics


Multi-rendition, multi-output encoding and packaging for Video On-Demand, Live, and 24/7 Linear content. Supporting HLS, Dash, and multi-bit rate secure content

So, what can we do to help you?

Your iKO OTT is a flexible website that adapts to any device: Web, Mobile, and Smart TVs.
As a customer, you enjoy a complete and seamless service

Content import

You can import your videos from any source - YouTube / VIMEO / MRSS / JSON / XML or simply upload your file - We will handle the rest.

Content processing

We will transcode your videos to multiple bit rates - HLS streams with full metadata editing and enhancement.

App Submission

We will publish your mobile and TV apps on all stores (under your account). We have the expertise to do it right and pass the QA on the first try smile.
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If you are unsure which pricing plan to choose, then register for a 3 months free trial to start building your business. We also always offer discounts and promotions to our services to both new and regular customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question?

Let us know what is less clear and we will solve your doubts in a second!

1. What unique UX/UI features does your OTT platform offer?

Our OTT platform boasts a sleek, clean user interface with unique features and stunning UX elements. It's designed for ease of use, catering to a wide range of media streaming needs, including movies, TV shows, and various video content

2. How is device compatibility managed on your OTT platform?

The platform is fully adaptive and responsive, compatible with a broad spectrum of devices such as Web, Mobile (both Android and iOS), Smart TVs (including LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen, VIDAA for Hisense and TCL), Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, and PWA for Linux STBs with HTML5 Chromium browser.

3. What are the live TV and VOD capabilities of your OTT platform?

Our platform supports Live TV with EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and a comprehensive video-on-demand (VOD) service. Users can add videos to their watchlist, rate content, and utilize an advanced search function for an enhanced viewing experience

4. How does your OTT platform protect streaming content?

We employ robust security measures for content protection. This includes options for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS m3u8 format) to secure content delivery, as well as features to disable right-clicks and hide source attributes on self-hosted videos, ensuring content remains protected

5. Can the video player on your OTT platform be customized for branding?

The video player is fully customizable to align with specific branding needs. This includes unlimited color options, customizable playlists, and the ability to manage video order and visibility. Additionally, the player supports various modes like lightbox, responsive, and fullscreen, and is equipped with features like deep linking, embed code generation, and language translation options for a personalized user experience


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