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Why Social Media Is Crucial For Broadcaster?

Social media is essential for broadcasters as it significantly increases viewership and engagement, allowing them to reach a global audience without geographical boundaries. It offers a platform for real-time interaction and feedback, fostering a deeper connection with viewers and enhancing content relevance. Moreover, social media’s widespread reach and versatility are instrumental in promoting content, attracting a diverse audience, and adapting swiftly to global trends and preference.

Challenges In Social Media Integration
  • Difficulty in managing multiple feeds.
  • Limited exposure with satellite-only events.
  • Inconsistent branding across platforms.


iKOLIVE allows for an effortless integration with YouTube and FB/IG Live. Social media buttons can be embedded in the web and apps, making it simple for users to follow and share content. iKOLIVE has the The ability to simultaneously share content across multiple feeds, with automatic formatting tailored for different platforms, empowers broadcasters to have a “be everywhere at once” presence. This capability ensures consistent, optimized content delivery across various social media channels, enhancing reach and engagement without additional effort for platform-specific adjustments.


  • Global Exposure
  • High engagement with live video.
  • Improved positioning in social media algorithms.

The Power of Live Videos

  • More engaging than text and images.
  • Attracts new viewers.
  • Strengthens social presence.
About iKO Media Group

iKO Media Group is a boutique end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners. They provide tailor-made solutions focused on customer needs through dedicated service to a wide range of global and local networks. iKOMG differs from other service providers thanks to a holistic approach and a keen ability to offer the best SLA for mid-vesize networks.

This approach allows iKOMG to deliver effective solutions customized to specific budgets and requirements without compromising on quality of service.  As a trusted partner to hundreds of global and local networks, iKOMG is identified with expert knowledge, dedicated service and professionalism. iKOMG is committed to operating its business with the goal of creating value for all stakeholders. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility

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CEO Throughline Group Company

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We are a premium media service partner, offering cutting-edge broadcasting and content distribution solutions, with a focus on client needs and global expertise.

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