Rome, September 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — iKO Media Group, a global end-to-end service provider for broadcasters and content owners, and M-Three Satcom, Broadcast & Media services division of Giglio Group S.p.A., have announced today a new partnership to commonly pursue and promote Outside Broadcast services as well as provide Occasional Use services, over satellite and fiber optics networks.

Partners shall exploit their teleport infrastructures and fiber network, with a wide geographical reach, to provide uplink, downlink, turnaround and backhaul services. Thanks to a wide DSNG and OBVAN fleet which supports HD multicamera productions, to an H24 booking service and to a network of international partners, Companies shall be able to cover events originated from any source.

This new partnership combined with a wide geographical reach, will allow both companies to provide more effective uplink, downlink, turnaround and backhaul services thanks to a wide DSNG and OBVAN fleet which supports HD multicamera productions, to an H24 booking service and to a network of international partners. The combined extensive experience of iKO and M-Three in the global market allows them to offer global coverage and reach using the most sought after satellites and fiber connectivity to make sure content is smoothly delivered and within specific budgets.

The agreement also includes management and supply of Occasional Use capacity, with the utmost flexibility in terms of slots and prices, on an extensive choice of orbital positions, offering from 3 MHz to full transponder, with special packages for medium to long term events and dedicated technical assistance for service monitoring and support to the on-field technicians.

”Our strategic partners are an integral part of our business,” said Shmulik Koren, Co-Founder of iKO Media Group. “Forging trust-based relationships with each of our partners is a critical goal for us in order to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the most effective solutions on the market. The joint venture with M-Three Satcom is a perfect example of this kind of synergy.”


We are delighted to extend our co-operation with iKOMG and to expand our international reach, with a broader set of services. Our partnership with iKOMG shall further expand our international presence and optimize our production capacity, hence stimulating further investment and deployment into innovative service areas.

said Michele Magnifichi, Director of Giglio Group Broadcast&Media Division.

About iKOMG

iKO Media Group is a boutique end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners. iKOMG provides tailor-made solutions to a wide range of global and local networks. A full spectrum of services is available, including satellite broadcasting, automated, high-capacity playout management, Cloud services, EPG creation, disaster recovery solutions, channel monitoring feed, OTT platforms, fiber and IP delivery, and more.

iKOMG believes in being forward-thinking, agile and holistic. This approach allows iKOMG to deliver effective solutions customized to specific budgets and requirements without compromising on the quality of service. iKOMG is committed to operating its business to create value for all stakeholders. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

About M-Three Satcom

M-Three Satcom is a Business Division of Giglio Group SpA, fully dedicated to provide top level, reliable, complete and cost-effective solutions to the TV and Radio Broadcast market and to international-based Corporates. M-Three Satcom is active in the Outside Broadcast business since its foundation in 2004 and has developed, throughout the years and thanks to major investment in teleport and OB VAN assets, an important presence in such business, exploiting its teleports based in Milan and Rome and offering Occasional Use capacity and H24 booking services, to the benefit of broadcasters, partner teleports and SNG operators.


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