Pfafficon, Switzerland, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — iKO Media Group, a global end-to-end service provider for broadcasters and content owners, and Vixi TV, have announced today an exciting partnership – ViXi powered by iKOMG.


ViXi themes for TV channels are like WIX themes for websites, especially made for TV channels and are customized for every smart TV screen with any remote control navigation. The collaboration with a global service provider like iKO Media group allows TV channels to use their content for advanced content publishing in real-time and generate immediate revenues from advertising on the content.  iKO and ViXi professionally manage all device complexities such as remote control adaption, different browser behavior and high performance UX and offer a simple, easy to implement holistic solution for TV Channels to generate new sources of revenues from existing content at no additional technical cost.


The partnership will provide TV Channels customers around the globe with immediate coverage for their audience, viewers & activities, better yield with advanced optimization tools, and an easy way to connect with premium partners, real-time reporting and customizable dashboard as well as full API support & RTB capabilities.

To learn more about this partnership view the iKOMG/Vixi video here

Our strategic partners are an integral part of our business. To be able to offer our clients around the globe our holistic solutions for content distribution, we must stay competitive in terms of technical capacity and advancements. We are very happy to expand our operations with Vixi as we see them as high-quality service and solutions providers that will in turn allow us to continue providing excellent services to our customers.”

said Yaniv Maman, CTO at iKOMG 

Creating a net revenue model for a TV channel in today’s market is an impossible task, however by partnering with ViXi, we have successfully accomplished this mission! We have been able to generate immediate revenues without investing in extra costs.

said Dan Akrich, AVP Sales EMEA at iKOMG  “

About Vixi

ViXi enables TV Channels, YouTubers and MCN (multi-channel network) to expand their ad revenues by submitting their content as a branded TV app on all major smart TVs like Samsung, LG WebOS, Android TV, Amazon fire TV, ROKU, SONY, HiSense and many more.  Their value – better user engagement, Direct access to your YouTube TV channel content from the main TV screen. The company’s business model is simple- CTV video monetization, import YouTube channels into our CDN and enable programmatic CTV advertising. They are working with world’s top ad networks.

About iKO Media Group

iKO Media Group is a boutique end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners. They provide tailor-made solutions focused on customer needs through dedicated service to a wide range of global and local networks including delivery over the internet and mobile networks.

iKOMG delivers effective solutions customized to specific budgets and requirements without compromising on quality of service.  As a trusted partner to dozens of global and local networks, iKOMG is identified with expert knowledge, dedicated service and professionalism. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility.


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