Pfaffikon, Switzerland –As the entire sporting world has come to a shut, the Belarusian Premier League remains open for business. The Belarusian Premier League is the only one of UEFA’s 54 league competitions that hasn’t suspended its fixtures due to the Coronavirus crisis. Because the league was the only one still broadcasting during the crisis, they were looking for a service provider with global distribution capabilities and this was the main factor in them choosing iKOMG to distribute the League’s content worldwide.


iKO Media Group is currently working at full capacity to make sure service availability is uninterrupted and the effects of the global crisis does not affect its customers distribution of content.

The Occasional Use division at iKO Media Group is determined to keep the broadcasting of the Belarusian Premier League games going, globally.


iKOMG  have attractive offerings on Eutelsat OU capacity and on Asiasat 5 along side other OU alternative satellites. The company’s teleport and booking team are available 24/7/365 to guarantee that client needs are met at all times.

Ensuring Business Continuity

iKOMG is offering a variety of other solutions to make sure business continuity is not affected in these times. To differentiate itself from other teleports, iKOMG offers a suite of value-added services to its customers ranging from simple to bespoke playout solutions, complex content management, OTT and streaming services and using the latest technologies and platforms to reach specific audiences.

One of the innovative services that the company provides is  iKOFLiX–an OTT platform for media distribution distribute their clients’ audio, video and other media services directly to their customers over the internet via streaming media as a standalone product.


iKOFlow is another service they provide to customers to ensure a back up of their clients’ networks.  With iKOFlow, clients can upload  five hours of content of TV channel content with logo and playlist – which can be updated anytime. Accessible from anywhere and any device (PC, Phone, iPad), iKOFlow takes only five minutes to setup.

iKOMG also collaborates with ViXi  to provide customized ViXi TV themes which are like WordPress or WIX themes, just for TV. Each theme is customized for every TV screen with any remote control navigation. Pick a theme, place your content and publish and you are live in less than a hour.

iKOMG sorts out all device complexity such as remote control adaption, different browser behavior and high performance UX.


We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers, and in times like these, this also means uninterrupted service.

said  Orr Ariel, iKOMG VP of Sales, Occasional Use Sport and Events.

About iKOMG

iKO Media Group is a boutique end-to-end media service partner for broadcasters and content owners. iKOMG provides tailor-made solutions to a wide range of global and local networks. A full spectrum of services is available, including satellite broadcasting, automated, high-capacity playout management, Cloud services, EPG creation, disaster recovery solutions, channel monitoring feed, OTT platforms, fiber and IP delivery, and more.

iKOMG believes in being forward-thinking, agile and holistic. This approach allows iKOMG to deliver effective solutions customized to specific budgets and requirements without compromising on the quality of service. iKOMG is committed to operating its business to create value for all stakeholders. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on social, environmental, and economic responsibility.


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