The world is changing. One blink of an eye and the technologies we thought we knew have changed. As a channel or content owner, we face new and unexplored opportunities to monetize our content in various innovative ways. Just recently, expert analysts in our industry said that Linear TV is dead, or at least was nearing its end of life. Despite that, linear TV is making its way back through FAST channels. Some traditional platforms appear to decline as their subscriber base falls while new platforms emerge.

One of the biggest keys to these changes is the evolution of the internet. It used to be the case that the internet was perceived as only a semi-professional solution, not entirely trusted, and considered with skepticism. Today’s improved security and near-ubiquitous reach render the internet much more reliable, offering affordable solutions on the cloud. Delivering content over the internet has become a “no brainer” for broadcasters and has dramatically changed the economics of contribution and distribution of content around the world.

This trend continues to evolve, making cloud services look very attractive to new entrants of the broadcast market. This makes many big and established players to scratch their heads and consider how they should behave, compete, and exploit their brands in this newly changed environment.

Traditional networks and channels find themselves surrounded by vast numbers of different systems that they have adopted along the way to answer different needs at different times, most of them require lots of equipment (processing) and support (specific knowledge that becomes obsolete) and the result is little flexibility in operations, expensive equipment and, most importantly a lack of capability to react quickly and provide rapid responses to market requirements and demands.

And the result? A slow death for some in a new world of broadcast.

It is time to rethink and adapt to the required changes this new world is offering so that you can continue to do what you know best but in the most appropriate and advanced way in the new environment. In other words, it is time to go CLOUD!

Moving to the cloud creates efficiencies and allows content owners to be a lot faster to market. Cloud solutions are simpler to use due to the holistic view of processes that are designed to support the needs of broadcasters in one place offering a standardized approach.

The cloud makes economic sense. Removing the need for Hardware, reducing operational and human resources, as well as the knowledge required to support old and non-efficient systems, will most likely save more than a few dollars. Also, using the cloud allows you to scale and innovate with machine learning services and analytics, build, test, and launch quickly, then adapt, grow, and improve without the burden of capacity planning. The beauty of it is that it can all be done from anywhere in the world. Yes, there is a learning curve, but if you choose the right partner, your life can be much easier.


“Delivering content over the internet has become a “no brainer” for broadcasters and has dramatically changed the economics of contribution and distribution of content around the world.” 

iKO Media Group provides cloud services to meet the needs of all Broadcasters and content owners by creating a channel(s) for any platform and size from OTT, and FAST versions to DTH platforms and all with simple-to-use systems. We offer Broadcast Management System (BMS) fully integrated with playout allowing broadcasters complete management of their revenue streams of commercial channels and much more scalable and robust playlist management.


In addition, we offer channels new monetization streams for FAST and OTT with a unique commercial opportunity.

Come with us to the future of broadcasting using the most advanced solutions over the cloud.