in the past there were very few options available for delivering high-quality video signals for contribution applications over long distances and all of them were expensive and had long lead times. Satellite connections had to be booked in advance, costly space segments were necessary and required relatively expensive terminal equipment at both ends of the circuit. Terrestrial fiber connections over dedicated video networks also required the installation of a delivery path between each customer location the ingest point into the managed network – universally known as POPs or Points of Presence.

Reliable connectivity is in the heart of any professional broadcast operation, and that comes with a high monthly price tag to ensure reliable service.

Broadcast over internet video transmission presents difficult challenges in performance, usability, reach and management. However, today, the use of IP networks for digital video contribution and distribution is now a reality.

Modern technologies such as Zixi, SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport) make it possible to transmit high-quality video in real time across the public internet.

Zixi is a closed and proprietary solution which developed features and capabilities to enable video delivery over IP networks way before RIST and SRT were formed. Although it requires a monthly fee based on volume usage or a license and can only be utilized with fully compatible devices, Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is the most flexible solution as it can also handle most available protocols including SRT and RIST protocols.

SRT was originally developed and pioneered by Haivision for use in its own encoder/decoder products. In 2017 it became an open-source protocol and technology stack for the delivery of live video.

RIST development started in 2017 in the context of the Video Services Forum at the request of the broadcast industry

SRT and RIST protocols are driving by RIST Forum and the SRT Alliance and become the two main activities for recommending an industry standard that guarantees vendor interoperability.

“As more broadcasters are looking to use the internet and the Cloud to contribute and distribute live video, transport protocols such as RIST and SRT are becoming increasingly important.” 

At iKOMG we use the most updated and cost-effective solutions for delivery of content via Satellite, Fiber (closed networks) and IP Network (open networks) from anywhere in the world to any destination required with the most advanced IP protocols – Zixi, SRT, RIST and more – to receive and forward any content our customers may need.